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August 2015

Volume 2 Issue 2


Case Report

Case of Radiation-Induced Lumbosacral Radiculoplexy Responding to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

2d Lt Meghan P. Olsen*, B.S, CDR Edward F. Miles, M.D

With modern radiation delivery techniques and dosing, radiation-induced peripheral neuropathy is an uncommon side effect of radiation therapy. Occurring most often as brachial plexus injury in women receiving adjuvant treatment for breast cancer, the annual incidence is less than 1%. Greenfield and Stark first reported on radiation-induced neuropathy of the lower limb in 1948, describing a case series of three patients treated with retroperitoneal external beam radiation after radical orchiectomy and retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for testicular non-seminomatous germ celltumors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Full textDownload PDF  




Review Article

Bladder Cancer Treatment: Review of Literature

Parisi S., Morelli F., Maiello E., Cisternino A., Troiano M., Corsa P., Raguso A., Cossa S., Clemente M.A., Donno E., Parisi F., Munafò T., Valle G., Cecere A., Guglielmi G.

Most bladder cancers are transitional cell carcinomas. In 2014 in USA the incidence of new cases and deaths were 74.690 and 15.580 respectively.Worldwide, almost 430.000 cases were diagnosed in 2012. Bladder cancer is the 13th most common cause of cancer death worldwide, with around 165.100 deaths from bladder cancer in 2012.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Full textDownload PDF



Research Article

The Effect of High Dose Nodal Radiation for Prostate Cancer on Long Term Toxicity

Gregory P. Swanson*, Abhilasha Patel, Babusai Rapaka, Jonathan Gelfond, Chul S. Ha

As an oncological principle, nodal radiation improves local control and often survival in most cancers. In prostate cancer, retrospective data suggest a benefit, but without randomized studies, the absolute amount of benefit remains uncertain. Current guidelines acknowledge the appropriate use of lymphatic radiation in both the primary and postoperative setting. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Full textDownload PDF

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