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A Practical Solution to Socioeconomic Barriers to Radiotherapy in New York City

Rex Cheung MD*1, PhD, Daniel Ouyang MD, MS, Josephine Kang, MD, PhD, Helen Li, MD, PhD, Vincent Yeung, MD.

*Corresponding author: Dr.Rex Cheung, FROS Cyberknife Center, 40-20 Main Street 4th Floor, Flushing, NY 11354, USA, Email: rcheung@flushingros.com

Submitted: 07-14-2014 Accepted: 07-15-2014 Published: 07-28-2014

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Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) (http://seer.cancer.gov/) is a public use cancer registry of United States of America (US). SEER is funded by National Cancer Institute and Center for Disease Control. It covers 28% of all oncology cases in US. SEER started collecting data in 1973 for 7 states and cosmopolitan registries. It’s main purpose is through collecting and distributing data on cancer, it strives to decrease the burden of cancer. SEER data are used widely as a benchmark data source for studying cancer outcomes in US and in other countries [1- 7]. The extensive ground coverage by the SEER data is ideal for identifying the disparity in oncology outcome and treatment in different geographical and cultural areas for cancers. In addition to the biological staging factors and the treatment factors, this database also contains a large number of county level socio-economic factors data. Unfortunately, national bases such as SEER do not have detailed and local information such as the language spoken, distance from major treatment centers and travel times to those centres. New York City and its surrounding Cities of Flushing and Brooklyn, there are many ethnic immigrants from different countries. Language is a major barrier as well as traveling times in our congested New York City traffic to major medical centres, although we have many world renowned medical centres in New York City. Our Medical Director Dr. Vincent Yeung recognized these socioeconomic barriers and established radiotherapy centers in lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Flushing.Our staff speak many ethnic languages and our locations allow our patients to have access to state of the art radiotherapy. We devoted to serving the patients with different ethnic backgrounds.
 rad 1.1
Our clinic in congested NYC Chinatown.

Keywords: Cancer Care; Socioeconomic Barriers; Radiotherapy; FROS
We thank Mr. Joseph Powell for his expertise on processing the photograph of our lower Manhattan clinic, Helen Ngai and staff for their helpful comments.

Cite this article: Cheung R. A Practical Solution to Socioeconomic Barriers to Radiotherapy in New York City. J J Rad Oncol. 2014, 1(1): 001.

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